Jan. 24, 2023

E139 A Conversation with Bryan Kuznitz of Fame on Fire

E139 A Conversation with Bryan Kuznitz of Fame on Fire
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This week, we're scratching an Itch that's, well... pretty fiery. The Shiprocked Series continues with Bryan Kuznitz, frontman of Fame on Fire. He's a charismatic and self-reflective guy who wears his emotions on his sleeve and shouts them in his songs. And as this publishes, he's probably talking Dan into buying him a drink on the boat. Join us to talk with Bryan about the formation of his band, their latest album Welcome to the Chaos, and singing in Korean on one of their myriad covers. Enjoy!

confessional lyrics and a Mexican influence. Giovannie joined us to discuss his roots, his writing style, and his eponymous Hired Guns. Enjoy!

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Bryan KuznitzProfile Photo

Bryan Kuznitz

Bryan Kuznitz is the frontman of Fame on Fire. He enjoys his gaming system, his band, and getting people to buy him drinks.