March 29, 2021

E46 A Conversation with Matty Madiro of From Ashes to New

E46 A Conversation with Matty Madiro of From Ashes to New

In this episode, The Itch is joined by Matty Madiro, the drummer of From Ashes to New, whose third album Panic appeared on our Top 20 Albums of 2020. Matty shares his fascinating journey from joining Trivium to becoming part of FATN, how Linkin Park changed his taste in music, and the forward-thinking business model he wants to see the rock industry embrace.

After the episode, be sure to check out From Ashes to New's video for "Panic" and follow our Flavor of the Week and New Rock Roundup playlists, which are both updated weekly!

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Matty Madiro

Matty Madiro plays drums in From Ashes to New, and was previously the drummer for Trivium. He's an avid fan of Linkin Park and Machine Gun Kelly, and has appeared alongside his bandmates in the film The Retaliators.