The Itch

Much better than poison ivy! :-p

As a hardcore Des Rocs Filthy Animal, I discovered The Itch Rock Podcast when they included his debut album "A Real Good Person In A Real Bad Place" in their E83 - E85 2021 Itch Awards, and later interviewed him on E110. The interview was one of the most insightful and entertaining I’ve heard, so I checked out some other episodes and have definitely developed an itch for this podcast! (Sorry - like these guys, I love dad jokes!)

Not only do they *really* know their stuff, but they also clearly have great chemistry, which makes the shows a lot of fun. E100 had me in (st)itches yesterday, laughing hysterically because they were laughing hysterically even though I didn’t really know what we were laughing hysterically about! And when I checked out E69 “44 Days in 1991 with Russ from Infectious Groove”, I found myself repeatedly agreeing out loud "YESSSSS!" with their thoughts on that undeniably remarkable period in music history.

I’m looking forward to exploring more episodes and learning about bands and music that I DON’T know yet. Well done, KC, Aaron and Dan!

Aug. 8, 2022 by Fernweh7 on Apple Podcasts

The Itch