Dec. 16, 2021

12 Pods of Christmas: Rocked

12 Pods of Christmas: Rocked
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It's time for the second annual Itch 12 Pods of Christmas, wherein we shout out some of our favorite podcast friends and direct you, the listener, to a pair of episodes from across our shows to keep you entertained through the holiday season. We're very grateful for the kindness and camaraderie shown by the Twitter podcast community. A show/site/YouTube channel/Twitch stream we were happy to discover early on is Rocked. Not only is it hosted by a fellow St. Louisian, but he (almost) single-handedly churns out quality rock content on multiple platforms on the regular. You can find them on the Twitters @RockedNet.

We recommend listening to "The Podcast That Rocked" episode"Limp Bizkit Doesn't Completely Suck?", and following that up with our "Dad Vibes" episode, where we discuss how Limp Bizkit indeed doesn't completely suck.

And hey, when you're done with all of that, follow our New Rock Roundup playlist and then connect with us!

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The 12 Pods theme song is "The 12 Days of Christmas" by Gary Hoey. All other content is copyright of The Itch. All rights reserved, including the right to rock on.