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A Quality Rock Music Podcast!

If you’re looking for music discussion that’s lively, fun & doesn’t “talk down” to the listeners, this is a great show for you! Dan, Aaron & KC have great on-air chemistry, take the content seriously, but make the discussions fun and conversational. Don’t hesitate clicking that subscribe button, yo…

Scratch It!

These guys are total pros and it shows. Check 'em out.

An utter blast of a listen!

This show rocks!! Simply press play on their latest Nirvana episode to hear what I mean. The conversations are passionate, joyous, entertaining, and informative. Stop reading this review and just click subscribe.

Solid show!

It is a pleasure to hear three hosts that interact not only with guests but with each other so seamlessly. Often shows with multiple hosts devolve into everyone talking over each other, and that is not the case here. The questions for guests are thoughtful and well-researched. Also, any show that m…

Great listen

Love the chemistry. Keep up the good work!!

The itch

Great show. Love listening to them discuss music and give their reviews.