Dec. 21, 2021

12 Pods of Christmas: The Hook

12 Pods of Christmas: The Hook
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It's time for the second annual Itch 12 Pods of Christmas, wherein we shout out some of our favorite podcast friends and direct you, the listener, to a pair of episodes from across our shows to keep you entertained through the holiday season. We're very grateful for the kindness and camaraderie shown by the Twitter podcast community. Today's shout out is to the first person of that community that we've met in person: Jay Scott and The Hook Rocks! Jay is a workhorse who puts out multiple episodes of The Hook each week featuring interviews with up-and-coming artists, reviews of new albums, and discussions about the rock world. You can find Jay and The Hook on the Twitters @TheHookRocks.

We recommend listening to our recent appearance on The Hook, where Jay invited us to discuss what the future of rock looks like going into 2022. And for a connection, check out our interview with Daisy Dead of The Dead Deads... and then all of Jay's Dead Deads interviews and other content!

And hey, when you're done with all of that, follow our New Rock Roundup playlist and then connect with us!

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The 12 Pods theme song is "The 12 Days of Christmas" by Gary Hoey. All other content is copyright of The Itch. All rights reserved, including the right to rock on.