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E105 A Conversation with Tonya & Cody of Lydia's Castle

June 23, 2022

This week, we're scratching The Itch to talk about mawwiage! Tonya and Cody of Lydia's Castle join us to talk about their debut EP, their recruitment of former Staind drummer Jon Wysocki into the band, and how they built a r…

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E104 The Itch On Tour: Nothing More, Atreyu, & Eva Under Fire

June 16, 2022

This week, we're scratching The Itch for Nothing More than a good show! And not only did we get one, but we got a couple of nice dad jokes to boot. On June 9, KC, Dan, and Dan's wife Hannah visited The Pageant in St. Louis t…

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E98 A Conversation with Joey Varela of VRSTY

April 26, 2022

This week, we're scratching The Itch to throw on our letterman jackets and go VRSTY . Frontman Joey Varela joins the show to talk about telling his own story on their new album Welcome Home , how a metalhead became an R&B vo…

Guest: Joey Varela
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E95 A(nother) Conversation with Daisy Dead of The Dead Deads (or "Go Daisy, Itch-ya Birthday")

April 12, 2022

This week, we're scratching The Itch for death and darkness! The Dead Deads and The Darkness , that is. Our friend Daisy Dead returns to chat about their current tour, and it's a lot of laughs. We'll talk nicknames, giant ra…

Guest: Daisy Dead
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E91 The Itch On Tour: Black Stone Cherry & Naked Gypsy Queens

March 15, 2022

This week, we're scratching The Itch to head back out to shows! Black Stone Cherry , whose album The Human Condition ranked #9 on our Top Albums of 2020 , recently hit the road with Naked Gypsy Queens , and they made a stop …

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E77 Welcome to Rockville

Dec. 1, 2021

This week, we're scratching The Itch to talk about a festival we didn't (but also did) see! Welcome to Rockville took place a few weeks back in Daytona, Florida. Despite The Itch's initial plans to be in attendance falling t…

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E73A Conversation with Eva Marie of Eva Under Fire

Nov. 2, 2021

This week we're scratching The Itch to talk about fire! Eva Under Fire , to be specific. Lead singer Eva Marie spent a rather adventurous van ride to our hometown of St. Louis talking with us about the joys of touring again,…

Guest: Eva Marie
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E72The Itch On Tour: Satellite (The Sequel)

Oct. 26, 2021

In this episode, we're scratching the itch to do a sequel! The first episode in our "The Itch On Tour" series, we hadn't actually SEEN the tour in question. But now that has been remedied! Join us as we discuss our experienc…

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E70The Itch On Tour: Badflower, Teenage Wrist, & Dead Poet Society

Oct. 12, 2021

In this episode, The Itch goes to Kansas! On the strength of three great 2021 albums from Badflower , Teenage Wrist , and Dead Poet Society and a great experience seeing Badflower at Pointfest last month, KC and Aaron travel…

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E68 The Itch On Tour: Pointfest & Riot Fest

Sept. 28, 2021

After two years, The Itch has seen some festivals! And now... we have thoughts. Join us as we take you through Dan & KC's day at Pointfest in St. Louis and Aaron's simultaneous time at Riot Fest in Chicago. There will be met…

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E67 Daisy Dead Wants the Future to Be Bright

Sept. 21, 2021

We're back on the interview grind! In this episode, we have a chat with the delightful Daisy Dead, bassist and (understudy harsh) vocalist for The Dead Deads , whose killer (heh) new album Tell Your Girls It's Alright combin…

Guest: Daisy Dead
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E65 The Itch On Tour: P.O.D., From Ashes to New, All Good Things, Sleep Signals

Sept. 7, 2021

The Itch has a new segment! Since concerts are happening more frequently these days, we're gonna see ourselves some shows and report back with our findings. First up: P.O.D. 's Satellit e 20th Anniversary tour, featuring Fro…