May 19, 2022

E101 A Conversation with Hunter Young of Moodring

E101 A Conversation with Hunter Young of Moodring
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This week, we're scratching The Itch to spotlight a great new band! Moodring's debut album, Stargazer, drops June 10th. In this episode, frontman Hunter Young joins us to discuss his history in the heavy music scene, his upcoming tour with Cane Hill, the passing of a pet that inspired the album's title track, and how his band isn't here to tell you everything's OK. Plus, the highly entertaining genre title he gives his band.

Check out Moodring's new singles, as well as their debut EP.

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Hunter YoungProfile Photo

Hunter Young

Hunter Young is the vocalist, guitarist, and producer for Moodring. He's spent half of his life in various rock, metal, and hardcore bands, and his peak hours are from midnight to 3am.