June 28, 2022

E106 A Conversation with Cam Cole

E106 A Conversation with Cam Cole

This week, we're scratching The Itch to keep a promise! Cam Cole won our 2nd annual March Bandness tournament, and we've owed you an episode on him ever since. But we weren't content to just talk ABOUT him. We wanted to talk WITH him. So here you are, 3 months later... and we think it was worth the wait. Cam is a fascinating person and performer who has brought his one-man band show from the streets of London to the US for the first time ever. As he enters the last weeks of this road trip of a lifetime, he took a break to talk with us about the beauty of people, the hazards of securing travel in a foreign country, and who has America's best BBQ. Plus, he gives us a preview of his wonderfully ambitious fall plans. Enjoy.

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Cam Cole

Cam Cole is a one-man band whose blues rock has taken him from busking the streets of London to exploring the world, one van at a time. He's environmentally conscious and a fan of the nomad lifestyle, though he knows there's only so many days you can go without showering, and so many sh!ts you can take un buckets.