June 22, 2021

E58 The Weezer Episode with Brian Colburn of Playlist Wars

E58 The Weezer Episode with Brian Colburn of Playlist Wars
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It's time for a double dose! This week we're joined by our friend Brian Colburn of Playlist Wars to discuss the ever-polarizing Weezer! And we're not just doing it once, but twice! The Itch is here to disagree about 2021's Van Weezer and OK Human, and Brian and his co-host Gomez were kind enough to let Aaron join them this week on Playlist Wars to attempt to put together the ultimate 10-song Weezer playlist. Can his list compete? We'll see! Either way, we hope you love these episodes at least as much as you love the band.*

*This is an admittedly complicated statement for some members of The Itch.

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Brian ColburnProfile Photo

Brian Colburn

Brian Colburn is the host of Playlist Wars, in which he, his co-host Gomez, and a guest battle to create the ultimate 10-song playlist for a band or theme, as well as his solo show My Weekly Mixtape. He's also the singer/guitarist for Colburn & Co, a Giants fan, and a man whose daughter properly appreciates Weezer.