Oct. 5, 2021

E6944 Days in 1991 with Russ from Infectious Groove

E6944 Days in 1991 with Russ from Infectious Groove
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It's time for some rock history! In this episode, The Itch is joined by our friend Russ from the Infectious Groove Podcast to discuss August and September of 1991, aka "two months that changed rock music," capped by the releases from September 24, which has been called the "biggest release day in history." We'll cover classic rock legends maintaining relevance, one of the biggest bands of the 80s carrying their career into another decade, and the rise of grunge and "alternative rock." Enjoy!

(Note: During the middle of recording this episode, Dan discovered that Soundgarden's Badmotorfinger was actually released on October 8, 1991, after being delayed from its originally scheduled release date of September 24.)

And hey, when you're done, check out the Infectious Groove's pair of episodes on 1991, watch Russ's recent YouTube video about Use Your Illusion, follow our New Rock Roundup playlist, and then connect with us! The Itch gives you homework!






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Russ from Infectious GrooveProfile Photo

Russ from Infectious Groove

Russ co-hosts the Infectious Groove Podcast with his friends and fellow music lovers Kyle and Michelle, as well as a vinyl collection show on the Infectious Groove YouTube channel. He's proud of being from Detroit, but for the good reasons. Not the Kid Rock ones.