Nov. 26, 2021

E76Clipisode: Leftovers II

E76Clipisode: Leftovers II

Happy holidays! We know that today some of y'all will still be knocked out and/or dining on the remnants of yesterday's feast, and other psychos amongst you will be running around doing work on your Christmas shopping. Either way, what you'll need is a smattering of assorted clips, convos, and bloopers from various Itch recordings to keep your ears as satisfied as your stomachs. To that end, we bestow upon you, without intro, context, or further adieu, The Itch's Thanksgiving tradition: Leftovers II. Enjoy!

We're giving thanks to every artist, podcaster, and ostensible subject matter expert that recorded with us and/or invited us to record with them this year. Rich Lamberty, Trev Allen, Blake Bedsaul, Matty Madiro, Chill Pill Liz, Robb Rivera, Jason Zeilstra, Dan Murphy, Brian Colburn, Podioslave, Daisy Dead, Russ, Mike Protich, Eva Marie, Lauren Carey, and Jay Scott... we're grateful for you all.

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Our theme song "Corrupted", is used with permission from the amazing Skindred. All other content is copyright of The Itch. All rights reserved, including the right to rock on.

Trev Allen Profile Photo

Trev Allen

Trev Allen is the host of The Struggling Artist Podcast, which features conversations about creativity, mental health, and life in general, with guests who often come from some facet of the music industry.

Brian Colburn Profile Photo

Brian Colburn

Brian Colburn is the host of Playlist Wars, in which he, his co-host Gomez, and a guest battle to create the ultimate 10-song playlist for a band or theme. He's also the singer/guitarist for Colburn & Co, a Giants fan, and a man whose daughter properly appreciates Weezer.

Podioslave Profile Photo


Anthony, Nate, and Tony host the Podioslave Podcast, and they might be The Itch's dopplegangers. Like Dan, KC, and Aaron, they're longtime friends and awesome guys with college radio backgrounds who started a rock podcast at the start of the pandemic. We highly recommend their show.

Russ from Infectious Groove Profile Photo

Russ from Infectious Groove

Russ co-hosts the Infectious Groove Podcast with his friends and fellow music lovers Kyle and Michelle, as well as a vinyl collection show on the Infectious Groove YouTube channel. He's proud of being from Detroit, but for the good reasons. Not the Kid Rock ones.