Dec. 24, 2021

E80 Season Finale: Christmas Eva!

E80 Season Finale: Christmas Eva!
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Happy holidays and welcome to our season finale! This week, we're scratching The Itch to welcome our first repeat guest: Eva Marie of Eva Under Fire! With another tour under her belt, a fresh new single, an album on the way, and a holiday season to celebrate, Eva is ready to roll for a great discussion that includes road adventures, the new generation of women in rock, and ... an obnoxious fast food menu? Check it out, listen to and follow Eva Under Fire, and we'll see you in January for The Itch Awards and our Top 20 Albums of 2021!

And hey, while you're wallowing in that mild post-holiday funk, cheer yourself up by following our New Rock Roundup playlist and connecting with us!

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Eva MarieProfile Photo

Eva Marie

Eva Marie is the vocalist for Eva Under Fire. She's a magnetic personality and excellent active listener who affectionately refers to her band as "my guys."