March 8, 2022

E90 March Bandness Tournament 2022 (Plus Industry Elitism & Twitter Sensitivity!)

E90 March Bandness Tournament 2022 (Plus Industry Elitism & Twitter Sensitivity!)
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This week, we're scratching The Itch for tradition! It's March Bandness week! Last year's tournament was won by industry mainstays Nonpoint, and this year we have a lineup of rising rock stars battling for your love! The first round polls will be open for your vote for 48 hours on Twitter starting right after this episode is released, continuing until next Monday when we announce the winner! And what does that winner receive, you ask? The victorious emerging artist who emerges victorious will be the subject of a future episode of The Itch as an interview, deep dive, or discussion with a special guest. We'll probably also announce them as the 2022 March Bandness winner every Sunday night on the radio from here until eternity.

Also, a couple of weeks ago we started a side conversation that quickly turned into half an episode's worth of talk about industry elitism, social media sensitivity, and why we do what we do. It also inspired part of the March Bandness field, so we've included it here for your listening pleasure. Enjoy!

And hey, when you're done, follow our New Rock Roundup playlist and then connect with us!

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