April 5, 2022

E94 A Tribute to Taylor with Brian Colburn of Playlist Wars

E94 A Tribute to Taylor with Brian Colburn of Playlist Wars
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Taylor Hawkins' passing shocked the entire music world. A man who not only made music that people loved, but who exuded energy and light, suddenly gone. This week we're scratching an Itch we never want to have to, but we're not doing it alone. Our friend Brian Colburn of Playlist Wars joins us to revisit some of our favorite Taylor performances with Foo Fighters, which you can listen to here. Along the way, we'll hear from fellow podcast friends Podioslave, TrawlCast, Prisoners of Rock and Roll, and the Infectious Groove with their tributes to a legend. And to close the show, we've got a very special performance from Blacktop Mojo's recent performance in St. Louis. We're grateful for Taylor, we miss him, and we hope this does him proud.

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Prisoners of Rock and RollProfile Photo

Prisoners of Rock and Roll

Bruce, Doug, and Ryan host/are the Prisoners of Rock and Roll, a Philly-based podcast about music, the people who make it, and the influence it has on us.

TrawlProfile Photo


Trawl is a funk metal band from Portland, Maine. Members Seth McClellan and Sean Matthews also host the TrawlCast, which covers the band's adventures as well as other rising artists.

Matt JamesProfile Photo

Matt James

Matt James is the vocalist for Blacktop Mojo. He's a master of cover songs, new father, and all-around hoss who has little desire to work with capuchin monkeys... again.

Russ from Infectious GrooveProfile Photo

Russ from Infectious Groove

Russ co-hosts the Infectious Groove Podcast with his friends and fellow music lovers Kyle and Michelle, as well as a vinyl collection show on the Infectious Groove YouTube channel. He's proud of being from Detroit, but for the good reasons. Not the Kid Rock ones.

PodioslaveProfile Photo


Anthony, Nate, and Tony host the Podioslave Podcast, and they might be The Itch's dopplegangers. Like Dan, KC, and Aaron, they're longtime friends and awesome guys with college radio backgrounds who started a rock podcast at the start of the pandemic. We highly recommend their show.

Brian ColburnProfile Photo

Brian Colburn

Brian Colburn is the host of Playlist Wars, in which he, his co-host Gomez, and a guest battle to create the ultimate 10-song playlist for a band or theme, as well as his solo show My Weekly Mixtape. He's also the singer/guitarist for Colburn & Co, a Giants fan, and a man whose daughter properly appreciates Weezer.