April 26, 2022

E98 A Conversation with Joey Varela of VRSTY

E98 A Conversation with Joey Varela of VRSTY
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This week, we're scratching The Itch to throw on our letterman jackets and go VRSTY. Frontman Joey Varela joins the show to talk about telling his own story on their new album Welcome Home, how a metalhead became an R&B vocalist, and how sometimes the best ideas arrive while you're not wearing pants. He's a genuine and humble dude and we think you'll like getting to know him.

After that, The Itch closes the show by sharing our experience seeing Joey and VRSTY on tour with 10 Years and Black Map. Chaos ensued. Enjoy.

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Joey VarelaProfile Photo

Joey Varela

Joey Varela is the vocalist of VRSTY. He's a metalhead with the voice of a King of Pop, and he claims that most of his best ideas arrive while he's on the toilet.