June 3, 2021

[Short Cuts] Bands Talking Bands with Nonpoint

[Short Cuts] Bands Talking Bands with Nonpoint

As a thank you to every listener who made our conversation with Robb Rivera and Jason Zeilstra of Nonpoint our most popular episodes to date, we're milking that chat juuuust a bit more! Enjoy a bonus segment where Robb and Jason gush about some of their favorite artists, albums, live acts, and songs they wish they'd written! We could talk bands with bands all day... and we almost did.

Check out parts one and two of our conversation with Nonpoint, as well as our updated Flavor of the Week playlist, and then connect with us!






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Robb RiveraProfile Photo

Robb Rivera

Robb Rivera has been the drummer for the band Nonpoint since founding the band with Elias Soriano in 1997. He also hosts the Robbcast Podcast with his friend, producer, and fellow Robb, Robb Ruccia.

Jason ZeilstraProfile Photo

Jason Zeilstra

Jason Zeilstra joined the band Nonpoint as their lead guitarist in 2019, and has since leveled up to the rank of Wicked Soloist.