Jan. 20, 2022

E82 A Conversation with Oxymorrons (Part 2)

E82 A Conversation with Oxymorrons (Part 2)
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This week, we're scratching The Itch... to learn. We had a great time laughing in the first part of our interview with the most electrifying band in alt entertainment, Oxymorrons. The laughs continue in the second half, but the conversation takes some turns into rich discussions about performance vs authenticity, the "freedom" of social media, the struggle of being a POC band, and existence as resistance. If you're down with a crash course in Justice 101, this episode is for you. And if you're not down with that... Degeneration-oX has two words for ya.

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Dee, K.I., Matt, and Jafe are Oxymorrons, the Most Electrifying Band in Alt Entertainment. They are hardcore New Yorkers, creative minds, handsome sons of guns, and total nerds.