Feb. 8, 2022

E86 A Conversation with Matt James of Blacktop Mojo

E86 A Conversation with Matt James of Blacktop Mojo
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This week, we're scratching The Itch to talk with a Texan! Well, he is now anyway. We're talking with Matt James, vocalist of Blacktop Mojo, a rising rock band that put out one of our top albums of 2021. They've got a new single out, a new tour, and a new family member on the way. We'll cover all of that, a fascinating choice of dream collaborators, a bus driver called Chicken Biscuit, and the worst co-worker Matt's ever had (and no, those last two are not the same). Enjoy!

Before or after this episode, we encourage you to check out Blacktop Mojo's videos for "Wicked Woman" and "Come Get Your Coat". You won't regret either.

And hey, when you're done, follow our New Rock Roundup playlist and then connect with us!






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Matt JamesProfile Photo

Matt James

Matt James is the vocalist for Blacktop Mojo. He's a master of cover songs, new father, and all-around hoss who has little desire to work with capuchin monkeys... again.