January 04, 2021

E37 Gush About Rush: The Fascinating Life of Neil Peart

In this episode, Rich Lamberty, an old friend and co-host, joins The Itch to discuss the winding career of Rush and the fascinating life of their late, great drummer Neil Peart . Join us to hear stories of loss, changing drum...


December 28, 2020

E36 Millennium Mania: 20 Albums That Turned 20 in 2020

In this episode, The Itch travels through time to revisit the rock albums that brought in the new century! Join us as Aaron explains the dangers of Christian rock, teenage Dan’s band chooses a bold cover song, and KC speaks t...


December 21, 2020

E35 Rapid Fire Reviews: Nothing But Thieves, From Ashes to New, Local H, Saul

In this episode, The Itch catches up on some albums that we couldn't let slip through the cracks. Enjoy FOUR Flavors of the Week as we discuss Nothing But Thieves ' Moral Panic , From Ashes to New 's Panic , Local H 's Lifers...

Album Reviews

December 14, 2020

E34 Building an Empire: Hollywood Undead Bookends the Year

In this episode, The Itch discusses two 2020 releases from Hollywood Undead , a band that brought in the new year and is now seeing it out (thank goodness). Join us for a discussion about guest rappers, fun band member names,...

Album Reviews

December 10, 2020

[Short Cuts] Who Cares About the Rock Hall?

The Itch had a serendipitous interaction while preparing for episode 33 . So if our introductory overview of the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame whet your appetite for more, Who Cares About the Rock Hall? is here to satisfy your d...

Short Cuts

December 07, 2020

E33 Hall of Fame Reframe: The Rock and Roll Hall of Fame Class of 2020

In this episode, The Itch runs the gamut on all things Rock and Roll Hall of Fame. The election process. The 2020 class. And, of course... the snubs! And hey, you can send us voice messages now! Please use your power responsi...


December 03, 2020

[Short Cuts] Accidentally Sh!tting on Shinedown

In this Short Cut, The Itch corrects the context of a comment from episode 32 (which you should listen to immediately if you haven't yet). But despite the correction of our intention... we may accidentally end up insulting Sh...

Short Cuts

November 30, 2020

E32 Death of an Optimist: Grandson's Grand Debut

In this episode, The Itch discusses Death of an Optimist , the upcoming debut album from grandson . We've been snacking on every grandson single, EP, and guest spot for the past few years, and now we're ready to feast on his ...

Album Reviews

November 26, 2020

E31 Clipisode: Leftovers

Happy Thanksgiving! We published this week's planned episode a few days early, and we wanted to give you something to tide you over until next week's, so here's a little treat! We're grateful for the 30+ episodes we've been a...


November 20, 2020

E30 A Conversation with Arya Goggin of Skindred (Part 2)

We couldn't wait to share the rest of our conversation with Arya Goggin of Skindred , The Itch 's official favorite band™, so this episode is here early! In part 2, Arya discusses a trifecta of events that cursed their global...


November 16, 2020

E29 A Conversation with Arya Goggin of Skindred (Part 1)

In this episode, guys have the pleasure of speaking with Arya Goggin, drummer of Skindred , The Itch's official favorite band™. In part 1 of our conversation, Arya discusses the differences between finding success in the US a...


November 09, 2020

E28 Humored Condition: Black Stone Cherry and Music That Makes Us Happy

In a bit of unintentional forward thinking, The Itch knew that, one way or another, people would need some happy music this week. So in this episode, we're checking out Black Stone Cherry 's new album The Human Condition and ...

Album Reviews

November 02, 2020

E27 The System Is Down: Music and the Toxicity of American Politics

Yep, The Itch is going there too. The election is here, and in this episode the guys discuss how art relates to politics, raising questions about the current relevance of socially-minded rock heavyweights System of a Down and...


October 26, 2020

E26 No Place Like Ohms: How Deftones Redeemed Themselves (and 2020)

In this episode, The Itch dissects one of the most anticipated rock releases of the year: Deftones ' Ohms . Join us to discuss Stephen Carpenter's return to form, how a band can incorporate old sounds into new music, and a qu...

Album Reviews

October 19, 2020

E25 A Conversation with Sean Dowdell of Grey Daze

Just in time for the 20th anniversary of Linkin Park 's game-changing debut Hybrid Theory , The Itch has the pleasure of speaking with the multi-talented Sean Dowdell of Grey Daze , who just released the album Amends , featur...


October 12, 2020

E24 10 Years and Counting: Multi-Instrumentalists and the Numbers Game

In this episode, The Itch explores the new 10 Years album Violent Allies , touching on how bands can improve over time, the role of instrumental tracks in rock, and how sometimes one man can do it all. And since we love count...

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October 08, 2020

[Short Cuts] You Helped Us Make a Difference

For the month of September, The Itch made a commitment in honor of Suicide Prevention Month . Because of your help, we'll be sending $60 to ChangeDirection.org to promote mental health. Thank you for listening and sharing in ...

Short Cuts

October 05, 2020

E23 Top 20 Rock Albums of 2019 (Part 2)

The Itch is back to wrap up our trip to 2019, when the world felt a little less crazy. In this episode, we'll count down our 10 favorite albums of the year. We've got pop punkers, nu metal vets, and even a bit of the blues. B...

Album Reviews