Arya Goggin

Arya Goggin has been the drummer for the ragga-metal band Skindred since 2002. He lives in London with his wife, cats real and porcelain, and at least one Queen coffee mug.

November 20, 2020

E30 A Conversation with Arya Goggin of Skindred (Part 2)

We couldn't wait to share the rest of our conversation with Arya Goggin of Skindred , The Itch 's official favorite band™, so this episode is here early! In part 2, Arya discusses a trifecta of events that cursed their global...


November 16, 2020

E29 A Conversation with Arya Goggin of Skindred (Part 1)

In this episode, guys have the pleasure of speaking with Arya Goggin, drummer of Skindred , The Itch's official favorite band™. In part 1 of our conversation, Arya discusses the differences between finding success in the US a...