March 5, 2021

March Bandness: First Round Matchups

March Bandness: First Round Matchups
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We're doing a totally original and not-at-all-derivative thing! The Itch has decided that it's time for a listener-voted tournament to crown a winner of the prestigious "Future Episode Recipient" title. We've chosen 16 bands that got frequent airplay on our radio show but have yet to be discussed on the podcast. We're pitting them against each other this month to see who you love most, and we'll do an episode on the winner. It might be a discography ranking, a history lesson, or even an interview with a band member. Either way, it's all in your hands.

You can vote on the first round directly at this survey link (, or you can vote in our Twitter polls for each matchup (or both, if you're that kind of person). We'll announce the first round winners and the second round brackets next week. Thanks for participating, and happy March Bandness!

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Our March Bandness theme song, "Snackmix" by Michett, is used with permission. All other content is copyright of The Itch. All rights reserved, including the right to rock on.

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First Round Matches:

  • Battle of Huntington Beach:Dirty Heads vs Avenged Sevenfold
  • SoCal Showdown: Incubus vs Queens of the Stone Age
  • Sibling Rivalry pt 1: Collective Soul vs Thrice
  • "Sibling" Rivalry pt 2: Volbeat vs Three Days Grace
  • Florida Fight: Nonpoint vs Shinedown
  • Midwest Monsters: Disturbed vs Shaman’s Harvest
  • The Future of Science: Flobots vs Starset
  • The Future of Rock: Nothing More vs Monster Truck