July 8, 2021

[Short Cuts] Taylor Swift vs Tool (with Podioslave)

[Short Cuts] Taylor Swift vs Tool (with Podioslave)
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If you loved The Itch's season finale episode with our friends from Podioslave as much as we did, you probably want a little more, yeah? Well, here you go. Listen as one of Dan's trademark rants about rock purity turns into a discussion about math and ... grapes?

In case you were wondering what a slightly less edited podcast conversation of six guys nerding out about music sounded like (and you obviously were), it's chaos. And it's great.

And hey, have you heard our updated New Rock Roundup playlist? It's 40 tracks by established and rising artists, all released within the past month. Give it a listen and let us know your new favorite bands!






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Anthony, Nate, and Tony host the Podioslave Podcast, and they might be The Itch's dopplegangers. Like Dan, KC, and Aaron, they're longtime friends and awesome guys with college radio backgrounds who started a rock podcast at the start of the pandemic. We highly recommend their show.