April 27, 2023

E152 A Conversation with Phil, Stephen, and Taylor of Taproot

E152 A Conversation with Phil, Stephen, and Taylor of Taproot
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This week, we're scratching The Itch for a major award! You voted for Taproot as our March Bandness winner, so we had Phil, Stephen, and Taylor from the band join us to discuss their new album, their new old album, and their fall tour. Along the way we'll hear about their decision to turn down a notable tour, a track that almost featured Layne Staley, selling skateboards, and how they maintain a connection with their fans.

As promised, relevant links: TaprootMerch.com The new single V\CT\M \ PLAY Podioslave's new conversation with Phil Podioslave's previous conversation with Phil

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Taylor RobertsProfile Photo

Taylor Roberts

Taylor Roberts is the frontman for Riding With Killers and guitarist for Taproot. You're probably listening to his music right now at the gym.

Phil LipscombProfile Photo

Phil Lipscomb

Phil Lipscomb is the bassist and archivist for Taproot. He does many things without his bandmates' approval.

Stephen RichardsProfile Photo

Stephen Richards

Stephen Richards is the songwriter and vocalist of Taproot. He will never praise his own work, but he'll praise his bandmates all day.