Feb. 14, 2023

E142 A Conversation with Jason Zeilstra and Rasheed Thomas of Nonpoint

E142 A Conversation with Jason Zeilstra and Rasheed Thomas of Nonpoint

This week, we're scratching The Itch to debut brand new music from a favorite! Nonpoint dropped their new single "Heartless", at literally the exact same time as this episode, and we spoke about it ahead of release with the band's guitar duo of Jason Zeilstra and Rasheed Thomas! Join us for an enlightening discussion about the new music, the corresponding Emerald Cities tour with Blacktop Mojo and Sumo Cyco, how Jason and Rasheed's 20-year friendship began, and of course... their experience on Shiprocked. Check out "Heartless", and we'll see you on tour!

As promised, the track was instantly added as the lead on our updated New Rock Roundup playlist! Follow it for 20 brand new songs every Friday!

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Jason ZeilstraProfile Photo

Jason Zeilstra

Jason Zeilstra joined the band Nonpoint as their lead guitarist in 2019, and has since leveled up to the rank of Wicked Soloist.

Rasheed ThomasProfile Photo

Rasheed Thomas

Rasheed Thomas is a guitarist in Nonpoint, as well as a Recording Engineer and Producer at Rathom Productions. He allegedly knows everyone, and he makes a mean pot pie.