April 19, 2021

E49 Classic Rock Block: Defining The Artists That Defined Us

E49 Classic Rock Block: Defining The Artists That Defined Us
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Finally, The Itch gets back to what brought us here! After playing our beloved classic rock artists weekly for 16 years on the radio, we've largely neglected them for 48 episodes of the podcast. Well, NO MORE! In this episode, we give some love to a few of the bands who taught us about talent, taste, and how to be comfortable being ourselves.

Spoiler: This episode ends with a big question, and we need your help to answer it! Once you've listened, visit itchrocks.com and click the blue microphone in the bottom corner to help us solve a debate (in under 2 minutes). Or if you don't want your voice to show up on a future episode, hit us up with your keyboard at:




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Our theme song "Corrupted", is used with permission from the amazing Skindred. All other content is copyright of The Itch. All rights reserved, including the right to rock on.