April 12, 2022

E95 A(nother) Conversation with Daisy Dead of The Dead Deads (or "Go Daisy, Itch-ya Birthday")

E95 A(nother) Conversation with Daisy Dead of The Dead Deads (or

This week, we're scratching The Itch for death and darkness! The Dead Deads and The Darkness, that is. Our friend Daisy Dead returns to chat about their current tour, and it's a lot of laughs. We'll talk nicknames, giant rats, and jokes that are so bad they're great. Or possibly still bad. You decide. Then The Itch checks in with our experience at the St Louis tour stop at Pop's, where we attempted to deliver a birthday card and ended up seeing Justin Hawkins lead the crowd... with his pecs? You gotta hear it.

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Daisy Dead

Daisy Dead plays bass, backing vocals, and horns in The Dead Deads. She gives excellent hugs, watches lots of C-SPAN, and has difficulty choosing favorites.