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Kevin Baldes

Kevin Baldes is the bassist for Lit. He's also a photographer, designated driver, dad, and friend of Dee Snider.

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E128 Clipisode: Leftovers III

Nov. 25, 2022

This week, we're scratching The Itch for gratitude! We've put together a collection of short bonus clips from each of our 2022 interviews as a way to reflect on all the fun we've had learning from and about people in the mus…


E103 A Conversation with Kevin Baldes of Lit

June 9, 2022

This week, we're scratching The Itch to get Lit ! Affable and multi-talented bassist Kevin Baldes joins us for a great discussion spanning the band's career, from their evergreen single " My Own Worst Enemy " to their lively…

Guest: Kevin Baldes